Auto manufacturers suggest £400bn continent-wide resurfacing

The ACEA suggests EU road network resurfacing instead of lower car emissions

Automotive manufacturers have been labelled ‘audacious’ after the European Automobile Manufacturers Association (ACEA) released a report suggesting that European leaders should invest at least £400 billion into improving the continent’s road network.
The report proclaims to offer a “climate initiative” to the European Union, which, if implemented, would mean the car industry could avoid the enforcement of mandatory car emissions reductions which the EU says car manufacturers must meet by 202.
According to The Guardian, the lobbying initiative also calls for “eco-driving” instruction and the development of “smart-transport” throughout the continent. The cost of implementing the new infrastructures as suggested by the ACEA could exceed costs of £543 billion.

Car manufacturers suggest road resurfacing investment

Auto industry suggests £400bn Europe road resurfacing

The European Automobile Manufacturers Association (ACEA) claims that the resurfacing of Europe’s road network could significantly reduce the CO2 output of automotive vehicles. The report reads: “All of Europe’s roads could be resurfaced with lower-rolling resistance surfaces within 20 years, resulting in CO2 reductions of up to 5% by 2035.”
Auto manufacturers must reduce car emissions to 95g of CO2 per km, in accordance with the 2021 target as set out by the European commission. There are further suggestions that new targets will also be released by the European commission for the years 2025 and 2030.
The shameless report has been met with disbelief and disgust from a number of organisations and individuals, including Greg Archer, a director of the Transport and Environment campaign, who said: “The industry does not seem to have learned anything from the VW scandal. They still don’t want to take responsibility for emissions from their cars.”
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