Ever had a stranger decide to park their car on your driveway?

One woman has and found there was nothing she could do about it!


A woman in the UK was left baffled and frustrated last week after a stranger decided to car park their car on her driveway – she had no idea who the car belonged to and why they had decided to park it there!

The Ford C-Max had simply been parked on homeowner Natalie Robbins’ driveway and all she wanted to do was find out who the car belonged to and why they had decided to park it on her driveway, so she took to social media for help.

On Facebook via the DN35 Crimewatch group she wrote: “Does anybody know whose car this is? It’s been parked on my drive since last night. Police have been notified.”

When she rang the police to report the incident, they told her that it’s not actually illegal for someone to park their vehicle on your driveway and that she could not have the vehicle removed.

As the stranger’s vehicle was blocking their car in on the driveway, the car was towed off by themselves and placed on the front of her home on the road.

Apparently, if a stranger’s car ends up on your driveway it’s then classed as being on private land, therefore the police or your local council have no jurisdiction over it and have zero powers to be able to do anything about it.

If a stranger’s car was parked on a public road and was blocking your driveway, the police or local authorities could intervene and issue a fine, or if they felt the car had been abandoned, councils do have the power to remove the car from both public and private property.

However, the council will probably not remove a car if it’s found to be insured, MoT’d, taxed and not in a dangerous condition.

“As the land is privately owned it would usually be up to the landowner to arrange for the vehicle to be removed,” said a spokesman for North East Lincolnshire Council.


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