Why you should change your fleet to electric

Electric cars now make perfect financial sense to the fleet buyer or leasing executive in any British company. It’s something we at Flexed recognise, and that’s why we have a full range of electric vehicles in stock today.

In terms of value for money, and the spread of electric vehicle charging points, electric cars should now figure highly on the list of options when it comes to choosing your company fleet for the next year.

Gone are the days when electric vehicles were only good for milk floats. The technology has moved so quickly over recent years, that it is now difficult – apart from the lack of an exhaust pipe – to tell an electric car from a petrol or diesel one.

While initial costs for buying or leasing may be toward the top end for a high-spec saloon car, the real saving comes with running costs.

A full charge on an electric car costs pennies, and should last the average business traveller a whole day. Even on those epic trips to the other end of the country, rapid electric vehicle charging points at motorway service stations mean that your employee can be back on the road within thirty minutes at a fraction of the cost of a full tank of petrol or diesel.

There are other benefits to switching to electric vehicles too. There’s zero pollution and zero CO2 emissions. While this looks great on a company mission statement that will impress potential customers, there’s the fact that you will pay zero vehicle excise duty. With savings of up to £200 per year on an average executive saloon car, that soon adds up for even the most modest of company fleets.

You’ll find that your drivers will be ready to switch to electric driving. There’s no longer the image that EVs are the domain of the “hippy” or “granny” driver, and the VW scandal has driven people away from diesel cars which now look tainted. Years of hybrid technology on the roads mean that people are now used to EVs and will happily switch to the right spec.

It’s now all there for fleet executives:

· Range

· Performance

· Cost

· Proliferation of cheap, rapid charging points

· Environmental

Now’s the time to switch your fleet to electric. Financially, and environmentally it all makes perfect sense. You’ll also be able to benefit from the astronomical company car tax savings with an electric vehicle. Currently, leasing an EV as a company car means your BiK is taxed at 0%. When you compare this to the typical BiK charge of up to 33% on a petrol or diesel equivalent, this means you could be saving hundreds of pounds every single month! Take a look at our BiK FAQ to find out more.

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