What Happens If The Contract Holder Of A Lease Car Dies?

It’s a sad topic but death happens and it’s something we should be prepared for

It’s a very sad time when someone close to you dies but unfortunately, it’s something we all know happens, so what’s the procedure in the event of the death of the contract holder with vehicle leasing?

Generally, if the leaseholder dies, it’s classed as an early termination of a contract and is treated as such.

So that we can help you the best way possible during such a sad time, we advise contacting us as soon as you can so that we are able to discuss the whole process in more detail with you. We can provide you with contact details for how to get in touch with the relevant finance provider and arrange for an early termination agreement to be raised by ourselves.

What to do?

To enable this, we ask for you to provide us with the name of the contract holder, the registration of the vehicle and what your relationship is to the deceased.

We will confirm how long is still left to run on the lease contract of the deceased, what amount is outstanding to pay and discuss how the procedure works following the death of the contract holder.

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We’re like one big family here at Flexed and the entire team look upon our customers as part of that family.

Your finance provider must be contacted to inform them of the death of the contract holder. It is then down to their finance provider as to what happens next. There might be an early termination fee that needs paying or due to the sad reason for the request, the finance provider might waive the fee, this all depends on each individual case.

Before a lease agreement can be terminated in the event of the death of the contract holder, a copy of the deceased’s death certificate might be requested in order for the process to be dealt with quickly for everyone involved.

The finance company will decide what happens next depending on how long was left on the lease and the amount owed.

Of course, everyone concerned with the termination of a contract will do all they can to resolve the situation in the best way possible when it involves the death of a loved one, so the earlier you get in touch with us, the quicker the whole sad situation can be dealt with.

At Flexed, our customers are very important to us, therefore in the event of death of one of our contract holders, we’ll do everything we can to try and make things as easy as possible for the friends and/or family of the deceased.

We’re like one big family here at Flexed and the entire team look upon our customers as part of that family.

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