UK motorists not taking baldness seriously enough when it comes to tyres

Motorists in Britain were fined around £27m in 2016 for driving with defective tyres

Our cars would be useless without tyres – those four black circles, one on each corner of our vehicle, are the only component that actually makes contact with the road and as result, should be the part of our car that we look after the most.
However, according to a new study, motorists in the UK tend to overlook the importance of keeping their tyres in good order and continue to drive on them even when they’ve deteriorated to a level that could be deemed illegal.

UK motorists not taking baldness seriously enough when it comes to tyres

UK motorists not taking baldness seriously enough when it comes to tyres
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In 2016, a total of 10,766 motorists in the UK were penalised after being caught with defective tyres on their vehicle.
The maximum fine a driver could receive is £2,500 and that’s for each balding tyre!
This means that drivers across the UK are risking having to pay fines of around £27 million per year just on this one car component that’s so easy to check and keep in good order.
The new study, which was carried out by, discovered that 2.5 million cars in 2016 failed their MoT test because of bald tyres or defective rubber. This figure equates to nearly a quarter (23%) of all the MoTs that failed last year in the UK.
However, getting caught driving a vehicle with defective tyres before an MoT test could be more costly than you ever imagined. submitted a Freedom of Information request and claim that nearly 9,000 motorists in the UK were given penalty points for such an offence in 2016.
Getting caught with defective tyres is classed as a ‘CU30’ offence, which means an automatic three points on your licence. What’s even more alarming, and something that many drivers in the UK are unaware of, is the fact that you could be forced to pay a £2,500 fine for each defective tyre – a total cost of £10,000 if you’re found to be driving with four tyres deemed not fit for the road.
The drivers handed fines by the police were forced to pay out, on average around £2,700, which suggests that those getting caught are driving with more than one defective tyre on each occasion.
The average number of penalties the police handed out in 2016 on these occasions was six, possibly suggesting that other tyres, or another car defect, was a contributing factor.
A colossal 38% of those drivers caught said that the extra penalty points handed out for defective tyres caused them to be disqualified from driving.
Over one third of drivers questioned said they knew of the dangers, with 35% of them saying they only found out that their tyres were over the minimum 1.6mm tread depth that’s acceptable by law when their car went in for an MoT or service.
Out of the 2,000 adults surveyed by the comparison website, 28% said they had been informed that their tyres needed replacing by a relative or friend.
Driving a vehicle with not enough tread is extremely dangerous and could cause you to crash off the road, possibly leading to serious injury or death.
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