Two wheels, or four?

Travelling between work, visiting friends and family or even having a gander round the local shops, the way we approach and think about future transport has changed. We’re now making the conscious choice to protect ourselves and everyone around us as we re-evaluate our journeys.

At Flexed, we’ve been fortunate to have a subscription model that works within uncertain climates as contracts can be changed, amended or paused after the initial four weeks. What if we could bring our platform for a new mode of transport? One that’s more sustainable and most importantly, accessible for local communities and people?

This is where we’d like to introduce Scooties, an electric scooter hire company that uses a similar model to Flexed. A legal and effective way to utilise e-Scooters within your city BUT you can still amend, pause or change your contract after the initial 28-day period.

So what are we planning to achieve with Scooties?

  • First and foremost, we want the service to be easy to use.
    • Literally a hop on and go type deal!
  • A more direct route from home to office
  • Reduce the anxiety of using public transport during the pandemic
    • (the last few months have been a testament to that)
  • Save money on fuel, parking, and bus/rail fares between travelling to and from work.
    • With 0 emissions, our streets will be cleaner and we can preserve the future of our favourite cities.
  • Working with local councils to improve road design so that it’s safe for every user.


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I thought e-Scooters were ‘illegal’?

As an e-Scooter is considered as ‘powered transport’ it falls within the legal definition of a “motor vehicle”. Therefore the laws that apply to motor vehicles (like insurance and tax) apply to powered transporters being used within public spaces.

However, within the last month or so, the UK has made the decision to fast-track trials of e-Scooters in the new few weeks and has also invested £250M in emergency transport schemes to promote walking and cycling, to relieve the pressure on public transport.

We have been fortunate enough to be selected to participate in these trials so that means our e-Scooters will be legal to use on the road. As a hire operator, we will also be covering all the legal aspects associated with our scooters

When and where?

We’re planning to firstly launch our e-Scooter programme within our hometown of York. However, if the trials go well, we will be looking to extend the programme to other cities near you!

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