Are there two cars on the front of your home?

Research suggests two-car households are more common today than families with two children!

Over the past year it’s been revealed that the number of households with two cars has increased by more than half a million.
Figures from the UK’s Office for National Statistics, which were analysed by insurance company LV=, found that two-car households were up from 7,077,200 in 2016 to 7,618,800 in 2017 – a huge jump of 541,600 in just a year.
According to LV=, the reason behind the surge in two-car family living was down to multi-generation households and modern life, leading to a massive urge to want to drive.
Two-car homes now outnumber families with two children by almost two million, standing at 5.1 million in comparison to 3.2 million.

Are there two cars on the front of your home?

Research suggests two-car households are more common today than families with two children! © Copyright Logomachy and licensed for reuse under this Creative Commons Licence.

When a group of motorists (1,028) were quizzed by researchers, they discovered that one in four (24%) were getting behind the wheel more now compared to a year ago.
The biggest reason for the increase in two-car households was mainly down to work commitments, as four in 10 people claim they need a car for commuting to and from work – almost one third of those taking part in the survey said they spend more time behind the wheel because of work commitments.
Of those quizzed, a total of 37% said that work use was the main reason why a second car had joined the family.
Also revealed in the study was the fact that a second car had become a vital part of modern family life, with family journeys one of the biggest reasons why a second car was now on the front of their home (30%).
Almost a quarter (24%) of people also said that taking children backwards and forwards to various activities had meant more miles in the car, whilst one in seven households said the car was used regularly for doing the school run.
Even though a second car has become something many families now rely on, research by LV= found that on average they’re on the road for around 844 miles every month, with over half being used to do the weekly shop and more than a quarter used for a daily outing.
The second car might be an important part of family life today but it’s still the one that tends to get used for short local journeys, whilst the main car is used for longer trips – less than one in 10 second cars are used for a trip to a beautiful sandy beach!
It’s estimated that the second-car economy is today worth around £25.7 billion through leasing, buying, maintenance and insurance.
“The second car has become a vital part of everyday life for many working families and deserves just as much appreciation as ‘main’ cars,” said Selwyn Fernandes, managing director of car insurance at LV=.
Mr Fernandes added: “At LV=, we’re committed to supporting our customers in any way we can, so we felt it made complete sense to add multi-car insurance to the products we provide.”
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