Today is International Dog Day 2020!

Lease the Pawfect Car to Carry Your Furry Friends in From FLEXED


It’s International Dog Day today! Pooches from all over the world are celebrated on this day annually, with every breed of dog included.

International Dog Day started as National Dog Day in the US back in 2004 by pet and family lifestyle expert Colleen Paige, who chose August 26 as the day to celebrate our four-legged friends because it was the date her family adopted their first dog, called ‘Sheltie’, from an animal shelter home.

If you’re planning on getting a pet pooch, then today is the best day to do so. International Dog Day not only encourages us to celebrate and respect all breeds of dog but encourages us to “adopt, not shop”, so if you are thinking about a dog as your new companion, it’s worth considering visiting a local animal shelter – when you adopt an unwanted dog from a shelter home you give a sad dog a new life and free up space for another unloved dog who can then take its place whilst it waits for a new home.

And of course, once your new furry friend arrives home with you, they’ll want to go everywhere you go and that’s because they truly are man’s best friend, loving their owners unconditionally.

Pet Friendly Leasing

We have hundreds of lease cars to choose from at Flexed, many of which are pet friendly. Why not take a look at our ‘Estate’ page on our website, where you’ll find a fine selection of beautiful cars to choose from that have all the space needed to carry ‘Fido’ in comfort and style.

FLEXED - short term car leases

Skoda Octavia Estate 1.5 TSI SE Technology 5dr – in stock NOW from £449.99 excl. VAT per month!

The Skoda Octavia Estate 1.5 TSI SE Technology 5dr from £449.99 excl. VAT is in stock NOW and ready to lease based on a 28 day rolling contract.

Our rolling 28 day lease contracts enable you to lease your favourite car for just the minimum 28 days and after which, you decide what happens next – return the vehicle, lease for longer or swap to another model or make.

If you prefer to drive something a bit bigger, with plenty of room for all the family and the pet pooch, then our ‘Premium SUV’ page might be of interest. We have a wide range to choose from including the Volvo XC60 2.0 B4D Inscription 5dr AWD Auto – due in stock September from £669.99 excl. VAT per month.

FLEXED - short term car leases

Kia Soul Electric 150kW First Edition 64kWh 5dr Auto – due in September, from £479.99 excl. VAT per month!

For those of you who’ve made the switch to electric, we have the Kia Soul Electric 150kW First Edition 64kWh 5dr Auto due in stock September from £479.99 excl. VAT per month – ideal for carrying pets alongside children and the weekly shop.

Safety First

Whatever lease car you choose to carry your furry friend in, we encourage you to do so with safety in mind. It is legal to take your pets in the car with you but they must be restrained properly, not be allowed to sit in the front seat and you shouldn’t let them stick their head out of the window.

There are many options when it comes to restraining your dog in the car including cages, crates and carriers, harnesses and belts and dog guards.

Keep It Fresh

And to keep you lease car smelling as fresh and clean as it was when you first collected or took delivery of it from Flexed, keep an air freshener in the front, use a dog cover on the back seat or in the boot to prevent dirt and dog hairs from spoiling the interior and vacuum the car regularly.




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