The UK’s Top 10 Most Popular Cars So Far In 2020

Will Ford Be Leading The Way Once Again?


The year 2020 has been a rather unusual one, with a pandemic sweeping across the world, forcing the UK and other countries into lockdown. From the end of March right up until July we had people staying indoors and working from home if possible, businesses closed apart from those that could remain open to serve the public and streets that looked like a scene from a strange movie where no humans or cars exist… it really was that weird.

And of course, this meant that cars were sat idle on driveways as most people were confined to their homes and not allowed to make long, unnecessary trips.

This of course has had a huge impact on the motoring industry overall, as fewer registrations of new cars have been carried out during the lockdown period but thankfully, things seem to be returning to normal and here at Flexed, we’ve continued to serve our customers during these trying times, providing new lease cars to those who’ve needed one.

We pride ourselves on customer care and satisfaction and by following the Government’s safety guidelines and reducing our hours during the initial three month lockdown period, we could carry on providing new lease cars to the public, offering discounts to key workers and prioritising for any new deliveries and orders.

And despite there being a dangerous virus to contend with, there was a normal two and a half months to the start of the year before it all turned very serious and since July people have been allowed out again, so the fabulous car is now back on our streets and new figures can still show us which cars are being loved the most by drivers in the UK… so far in 2020!

Will the Ford Fiesta reign supreme once more, having held the title for the past 10 years or has it been knocked off top spot in the year that no one is ever going to forget!

The UK’s Top 10 Most Popular Cars So Far in 2020 list does feature many that can be leased from Flexed on a short term lease or for long term rental on a Business Lease or Personal Lease contract.

However, we do have hundreds of new cars for our customers to choose from, many of which are in stock and ready to lease at point of order, so you could be driving away or taking delivery of your new lease car within a couple of days!

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The UK’s Top 10 Most Popular Cars So Far in 2020:

1. Ford Fiesta – once again, it’s winning so far this year and that’s because it’s practical, spacious and fun to drive. The Ford Fiesta is a great all-rounder, ideal for small to medium-sized families or new/young drivers looking for a reliable car to get them from A to B.

The Fiesta looks great too, so combined with the fact that it’s fun to drive and practical, it’s no surprise to find it still sitting at the top of the list.

2. Ford Focus – a top two for Ford, with the Focus in second place. It’s the big brother to the Fiesta and obviously loved almost as much, mainly for the same reasons… it’s practical, great to drive and looks fantastic.

Will 2020 be the year when big brother takes over the reigns and proudly sits in first place, or will it be 11 years on the trot for the Fiesta… we’ll have to wait and see!

3. Volkswagen Golf – you’d be shocked and somewhat disappointed if you didn’t see the VW Golf in the Top 10 most popular cars list whatever year it was, but thankfully it is. The Golf has been a favourite with UK drivers for many years now and no wonder… it looks amazing!

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Volkswagen Golf 8 2.0TDi R-Line 5dr Hatchback Auto – available to order NOW from £539.99 excl. VAT

The eighth generation model arrived earlier in the year, with new hybrid options also available, so could this sway more people into looking at the Golf rather than a Focus or even a Fiesta… who knows!

We have a number of Volkswagen Golf models available to lease, including the Volkswagen Golf Hatchback 1.5TSi EVO 150 Match Edition 5dr from £429.99 excl. VAT per month based on a 28 day rolling contract – in stock NOW or you might be interested in leasing the Volkswagen Golf 8 2.0TDi R-Line 5dr Hatchback Auto from £539.99 excl. VAT per month, call 0800 311 8290 NOW to order yours, due in stock September.

4. Vauxhall Corsa – the ever popular Corsa is also now available as an all-electric car, which can do 208 miles before needing to be charged. Great news if you’ve been a fan of the Vauxhall Corsa for years and would like to make the switch.

It looks great, drives well and is a practical all-rounder that makes it the ideal car for first time drivers or as company fleet car, with models ranging from the cheapest to insure in Group 2 to the most expensive to insure in Group 20.

5. Nissan Qashqai – back in February, the Qashqai was in third place but has since dropped two places, could it have gone on to take top spot if COVID-19 hadn’t got in the way? It is however, still the most popular compact SUV you can drive, beating other competitors in this sector such as the Ford Kuga and the Seat Ateca.

If you prefer to drive something a bit bigger than a traditional hatchback, the Qashqai is one stylish SUV worth considering.

6. Mercedes-Benz A-Class – rarely do we see such a premium car in lists like these but the A-Class has managed it and rightly so… it’s a stunning car that oozes style and comes well-equipped inside with all the latest technology.

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7. Mini Hatch – the Mini hatchback finished 8th last year in the same list and so far in 2020 has gone from not appearing in the list at all at the beginning of the year to being in fifth position in June but dropping to seventh in July.

As a nation, we love the Mini and have done so since it first appeared in it’s smaller form back in 1959 – it’s fun to drive and continues to look awesome!

8. Toyota Yaris – a completely new entry on the list, not even managing to break into the UK’s Top 10 most loved cars in 2019 and in January was nowhere to be seen, yet here it is at number eight!

The Yaris is quirky looking yet attractive, making it ideal for younger drivers. Toyota Yaris models are classed in insurance groups 2 to group 36, so the cost of insurance can vary significantly depending on the model chosen.

9. Kia Sportage – one of its main rival appears on the list but in a higher position at number five. The Sportage has a good reputation as a great all-rounder which is probably why it features in the list for 2020 and might even catch up with one of its main competitors before the end of the year!

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10. Volkswagen Polo – a stylish supermini that so far this year has managed to grab last place on the list but might creep up a few places by the end of December.

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