Car insurance prices in the UK drop for the first time in three years

New research claims cover prices have fallen by £13   According to new research, car insurance prices in the UK… Read More »

Tougher restrictions to be introduced for younger drivers

All motorists under 24 years of age could be barred from carrying more than one passenger in their car  … Read More »

March 1 – the new ’18’ number plate arrives in the UK tomorrow

But how many drivers actually know what the number/letter combinations on our reg plates mean?   Tomorrow, the 1st of… Read More »

2018: The year learner drivers will take to the motorway

It will be the first time ever that learner drivers have been allowed to drive on UK motorways   2018… Read More »

When the clocks go back in the Autumn car accidents increase by 29%

The clocks go back on Sunday 29 October at 2am, so drive carefully and stay alert!   New research has… Read More »

Would you give up your social life just to stay on the road?

Many young drivers in the UK are having to cut back on their social life just to keep driving  … Read More »

Insurance cap for young drivers being considered by the Government

Young driver insurance premiums could be capped at £1,200 if the proposal is passed   The UK Government is considering… Read More »

Young and need help reducing your car insurance costs?’s cheapest cars in the UK to insure for 2016/17   If you’re looking for ways to reduce the cost… Read More »

Older motorists are the ones most likely to risk driving through flood water

What would you do?   New statistics gathered by the Environment Agency (EA) and the AA, have revealed that older… Read More »

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