It wasn’t me, it was you!

New survey suggests that’s what most drivers think when out on the road   According to a study conducted by… Read More »

Not again! Where have I put my car keys?

And it seems women drivers are the ones more likely to be looking for them!   According to the findings… Read More »

Who are the better drivers, men or women?

Finally we have the answer and it’s…   Women! – Yes, according to figures released by the Driver and Vehicle… Read More »

Turns out women are the better drivers after all!

According to scientists men get distracted more easily leading to mistakes   It’s often remarked and joked about that women… Read More »

Men still paying more than women for car insurance

New study finds males are paying up to 25% more for their insurance despite EU gender ban   Men are… Read More »

Men having to fork out £101 more than women on car insurance

New study reveals the difference despite EU laws banning insurers from considering gender when calculating a policy   Despite EU… Read More »

New drink-driver stats reveal differences between men and women

Data shows women who get caught for drink-driving offences face shorter average bans than men   According to new statistics… Read More »

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