Warning to motorists after fake DVLA text messages sent to Brits

If you receive a text saying you’re owed money back from the DVLA it’s a fake – throw it away!… Read More »

Warning to motorists ahead of summer about the use of sunglasses whilst driving

Wearing the wrong ones could land you a fine of up to £2,500!   Motorists in the UK are being… Read More »

Do you suffer from hay fever, drive and take medication?

If so, you could be taking tablets that may lead to a hefty fine or even a driving ban!  … Read More »

Look out, look out, there’s hedgehogs about!

New signs to be installed across the country warning motorists to be aware of wildlife   New road signs are… Read More »

WARNING – Parents in the UK risking their children’s lives by not restraining them properly

Not only is it dangerous but illegal and could cost you a hefty fine if caught   Parents in the… Read More »

Travelling over the Easter weekend?

If so, be prepared for heavy traffic mixed with bad weather   It’s Easter this weekend and for many this… Read More »

Revealed: Eating or drinking whilst behind the wheel can double your risk of an accident

And it could see you facing a fine of £100 and three points on your licence!   Drivers are being… Read More »

Be prepared for more potholes in the road following freezing weather

RAC reports double the number of pothole related breakdowns after last week’s bad weather   Motoring experts are warning drivers… Read More »

How To Stay Safe During The Cold Snap

As the ‘Beast from the East’ hits the UK, here’s how to drive carefully in the wintry conditions   Temperatures… Read More »

Warning: Driving whilst using an e-cigarette could get you into trouble with the law

You could face a hefty fine and further punishment for ‘driving without due care and attention’   A warning is… Read More »

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