What do motorists get up to in their cars during a lifetime of driving?

We Brits spend around 1,080 days in our cars over a lifetime – that’s nearly 3 years!   According to… Read More »

Warning to motorists about car insurance after Hurricane Ophelia

Drivers need to make sure their vehicle is covered for storm damage   Hurricane Ophelia has caused havoc here in… Read More »

One fifth of car parking spaces are wasted because of bad parking

Problem could be solved if motorists simply used the park assist technology available to them   Motorists up and down… Read More »

The most dangerous hard shoulders on Britain’s motorways revealed

With many of the worst having areas of ‘smart motorway’ with no hard shoulder   The Department for Transport’s (DfT)… Read More »

Have you ever forgotten to renew your MoT certificate in time?

The UK Government has made over £35million during the past five years in fines from late renewals   An MoT… Read More »

Traffic in some UK cities has slowed right down to a crawl

Commuters in central London are now driving at an average speed of 5mph   According to a new report, commuters… Read More »

Have you noticed fewer squashed insect marks on your windscreen lately?

According to the experts, this could mean a significant decline in bugs   Ever sat and wondered why suddenly you’re… Read More »

Could you end up in hot water for using your fog lights when it’s not foggy?

According to rule 226 of the Highway Code you could   There’s nothing worse than driving along the road when… Read More »

It’s car number 150,000,000 for Volkswagen

And the model taking the glory was a blue Golf GTE   Celebrations were underway last week at Volkswagen, as… Read More »

Drivers from abroad are failing to pay toll for the Dartford Crossing

In the past three years, over 1 million foreign drivers have failed to pay the Dart Charge   New figures… Read More »

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