The number of disabled drivers in the UK drops by 80,000 in just two years

This represents a 6% drop in disabled people being granted exemption from vehicle tax   According to new figures, the… Read More »

Upcoming potential number plates banned by the DVLA from appearing on our streets

The new ’67’ number plate will be available from September 1   Twice a year it’s the job of DVLA… Read More »

Damage caused to vehicles because of potholes has increased by nearly a third in the last year

And once the temperatures begin to drop, they could worse says the RAC   According to the RAC, damage and… Read More »

Could it be the end for speed bumps on UK roads?

In a bid to reduce air pollution, speed bumps could be removed from our streets   In a bid to… Read More »

Number of vehicles being clamped due to owners not paying for road tax has doubled since the disc was done away with

The paper tax disc was abolished back in October 2014   According to new figures revealed by the Driver and… Read More »

Vehicle breakdowns this summer could affect 700,000 motorists

One breakdown every five seconds has been predicted by a UK recovery company   According to Green Flag, every five… Read More »

Volvo brand reveals global sales growth of 8.2% during first half of the year

The Swedish automobile manufacturers are on track for another record year in retail sales   Swedish automobile manufacturers Volvo have… Read More »

Car running on whisky makes its first ever test drive

The car ran on a fuel known as biobutanol which is made from whisky residue   A whisky-fuelled car has… Read More »

Have in-car speakers had their day?

First speakerless car stereo developed by Continental   Cars of the future won’t be fitted with speakers, instead the surfaces… Read More »

Where you live could be costing you over £1,000 extra each year to keep your car on the road

The price difference in running costs across the country varies greatly According to a new survey, many motorists in the… Read More »

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