New drivers should have driving lessons at night

Learning to drive in the dark could help reduce accident rates in the UK   According to a new investigation,… Read More »

Super intelligent street lighting installed in Norway

Auto-dimming street lamps light up when traffic approaches then reduce back down to 20% power   To help reduce its… Read More »

Ever put the wrong fuel in your car by mistake?

The Met Police have spent £83,858 over the past three years fixing wrongly fuelled cars!   According to newly released… Read More »

Forgetfulness could cost you deeply in motoring fines

By simply forgetting to ‘clunk click’ every trip could result in a £500 fine   If a driver makes a… Read More »

Senseless car vandalism rises 10% in three years

New figures show car owner’s living in Greater Manchester are most at risk   According to new figures released by… Read More »

Speeding offences in the UK climb to a six-year high

In 2016, an alarming 2.15 million drivers were caught for speeding   According to new official figures released by the… Read More »

Number of cars without tax increases by 1.8% in 2017

The UK Government is losing out on £107million per year as a result   The number of cars without tax… Read More »

What do motorists get up to in their cars during a lifetime of driving?

We Brits spend around 1,080 days in our cars over a lifetime – that’s nearly 3 years!   According to… Read More »

Warning to motorists about car insurance after Hurricane Ophelia

Drivers need to make sure their vehicle is covered for storm damage   Hurricane Ophelia has caused havoc here in… Read More »

One fifth of car parking spaces are wasted because of bad parking

Problem could be solved if motorists simply used the park assist technology available to them   Motorists up and down… Read More »

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