The weather is hotting up and so is the inside of our vehicles

If you see a dog trapped inside a hot car is it illegal to smash a window to save it?… Read More »

3 in 4 crashes related to tyre failure could have been prevented by carrying out basic checks

New study suggests drivers need to make more maintenance checks when it comes to their vehicles   New alarming figures… Read More »

Look out, look out, there’s hedgehogs about!

New signs to be installed across the country warning motorists to be aware of wildlife   New road signs are… Read More »

Late running buses to be given priority at traffic lights

Buses running behind schedule will be shown green as they approach the traffic lights   A new system is to… Read More »

The number of cars left dumped on the side of the road triples in 5 years

Increase blamed on the rise of scrappage costs amongst other things   According to information gathered by via a… Read More »

New changes to the MoT test set to begin May 2018

New failure ratings to be introduced as well as tougher checks for diesel cars   Last week came the announcement… Read More »

Breakdowns caused by potholes increase by 11%

More than 2,000 drivers called for breakdown assistance during the last quarter of 2017   Newly released figures have shown… Read More »

New drivers should have driving lessons at night

Learning to drive in the dark could help reduce accident rates in the UK   According to a new investigation,… Read More »

Super intelligent street lighting installed in Norway

Auto-dimming street lamps light up when traffic approaches then reduce back down to 20% power   To help reduce its… Read More »

Ever put the wrong fuel in your car by mistake?

The Met Police have spent £83,858 over the past three years fixing wrongly fuelled cars!   According to newly released… Read More »

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