New survey reveals trickiest driving manoeuvres for motorists

Out of 2,000 people surveyed, which do you think came top of the list?   A new poll, commissioned by… Read More »

New survey suggests cats should have equal rights on the roads

Currently if a driver hits a cat they don’t need to report it, unlike a dog   Currently in the… Read More »

Who’d of thought steering locks would have their day again!

Steering lock sales double as motorists turn to old fashioned preventative measures to beat the thieves   We all remember… Read More »

Warning to drivers when de-icing your car in the morning..

Don’t leave it unattended or you could face a fine for breaking the law!   Motorists in the UK are… Read More »

Drivers to be fined for allowing litter to be thrown from their cars by passengers

New rules to be introduced by the Government to help reduce litter on Britain’s roads   The UK Government are… Read More »

The last days of the old £1 coin are upon us…

and one of the thirty million still in circulation could be sitting in your car!   There’s just a couple… Read More »

Warning to motorists ahead of the Bank Holiday weekend

Using a mobile as a sat nav in your car could get you into trouble if caught touching it  … Read More »

Driving and tunes belong together like Sonny & Cher..

But how difficult is it to come up with the best 10 driving tunes?   Drivers love driving and music… Read More »

Do you know what the symbols mean when they pop up in your car?

New survey reveals nine out of 10 motorists had a symbol appear on their dash but didn’t recognise it  … Read More »

Bear in Colorado takes Subaru SUV for a short ride!

The bear climbed in, got stuck and caught the handbrake sending him backwards down the hill   A bear in… Read More »

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