Traffic on UK roads climbs to an all-time high

There’s more cars, vans and lorries on the road than ever before!   Us Brits like nothing more than to… Read More »

New study reveals there’s more vans on our roads than ever before

And it seems white still remains the most popular colour for vans   According to research carried out by IAM… Read More »

Are the AA replacing their traditional yellow vans with a new colour scheme?

They’ve been the same yellow for over 100 years, surely they’re not changing their identity now!   On a number… Read More »

Do you ever sit in your vehicle with the engine left running?

You might want to reconsider or face being fined £20!   In an effort to reduce air pollution, drivers in… Read More »

Diesel and petrol car sales to be outlawed from 2040 in the UK

All petrol, diesel cars and vans will cease to be sold in the UK from 2040 onwards   From 2040… Read More »

Toll for the Severn Bridge to be ditched at the end of next year

Regular users will save around £1,400 a year in fees   The toll for the Severn Bridge is to be… Read More »

UK’s love of internet shopping is clogging up our roads

Increase in delivery vans across Britain causing gridlock and huge delays   According to official figures, the UK’s love of… Read More »

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