Predictions for the Bank Holiday weekend suggest a car will break down every 5 seconds

Experts fear up to 60,000 cars will break down over the May Day holiday weekend as temperatures rise   According… Read More »

New research claims traffic jams in the UK cost the economy £9 billion every year

Around 3,700 jams occur on the UK’s motorways and ‘A’ roads each day   According to new research released by… Read More »

More traffic jams predicted for the year 2019 across Britain

Numerous extensive roadwork projects set for 2019 under the Government’s £11.4bn upgrade plan   More traffic jams have been predicted… Read More »

UK’s love of internet shopping is clogging up our roads

Increase in delivery vans across Britain causing gridlock and huge delays   According to official figures, the UK’s love of… Read More »

Will there be more or less congestion with the arrival of driverless cars?

According to a new study, autonomous cars could mean more traffic jams on UK roads   According to a new… Read More »

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