Top UK supermarkets kick off a petrol price war during the run up to Christmas

Three major supermarkets cut the price of fuel at the pumps – great news for motorists!   Three major supermarkets… Read More »

Motorists in the UK would like to see motorway pubs banned

Many would much prefer a big name supermarket to visit instead   A new survey has found that motorists in… Read More »

Supermarket giant Sainsbury’s slash prices at the pump this morning

Supermarket fuel price war continues with Sainsbury’s leading the way slashing 2p off petrol and diesel   This morning, supermarket… Read More »

RAC urging retailers to lower the price of fuel at the pumps

Supermarkets in the UK are being urged to cut diesel prices by 4p a litre   The RAC is urging… Read More »

UK supermarkets to increase fuel prices on bank holidays..

and during the school run using AI technology   Motorists in the UK will eventually have to pay a higher… Read More »

Petrol price war number two set for today at three of the UK’s top supermarkets

Reduced oil prices and the pound jumping in value could mean savings at the pumps for UK motorists   Three… Read More »

Fuel price war kicked off by Asda with 2p cuts

Other UK supermarkets jump on the bandwagon, reducing their prices at the pump also   Supermarket giant Asda has triggered… Read More »

Do you fill up at a supermarket fuel station thinking it’s cheaper?

Well not anymore, according to new research carried out by the AA   Many motorists in the UK top up… Read More »

Supermarkets spark fuel price war ahead of the festive season

The four major supermarkets in the UK have dropped fuel prices ahead of the Christmas period   Four major supermarkets… Read More »

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