Could you be fined for using your mobile phone at a drive thru to pay?

Is it really illegal or does common sense come into play   In April 2017, tougher penalties were introduced in… Read More »

Is it okay to eat or drink whilst behind the wheel?

It’s not illegal but you could still be fined for careless driving   Most drivers think nothing about grabbing a… Read More »

Around one million motorists with poor vision are driving illegally on UK roads

Fears over safety by campaigners following a recent study   According to experts, around one million motorists with poor vision… Read More »

If you had to take your theory test today, do you think you’d pass?

One study suggests many licence holders would be looking at a fail   If you had to take your theory… Read More »

Warning to motorists ahead of the Bank Holiday weekend

Using a mobile as a sat nav in your car could get you into trouble if caught touching it  … Read More »

Driving and tunes belong together like Sonny & Cher..

But how difficult is it to come up with the best 10 driving tunes?   Drivers love driving and music… Read More »

GPs can now report patients who they think are unfit to drive..

And they can do so without having to tell them first.   A new guidance has come into force as… Read More »

New data reveals the most dangerous places to drive in the world

San Marino boasts the safest road network, according to the new information   The World Health Organization (WHO) has released… Read More »

Most drivers caught using their mobile behind the wheel are being ‘let off’

Education courses offered to six out of 10 drivers instead of a fine or points   Most drivers in the… Read More »

Fancy being an autonomous testing guinea pig for Volvo?

Volvo looking to London for volunteers to test out their self-driving technology   This year sees the start of self-driving… Read More »

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