Warning: Using your Apple watch whilst behind the wheel could land you in trouble

Using a smart watch whilst driving could see you fined and issued with penalty points   It looks as though… Read More »

Can we use our mobile phones at all whilst behind the wheel?

We know it’s illegal and the punishments tough but are there any times when drivers can use them?   Motorists… Read More »

New survey suggests company car drivers munch through SIX sandwiches in a week whilst driving

And SIX bags of crisps too, of course!   A new survey by Skoda has unearthed what company car drivers… Read More »

Do you crank up the volume when listening to music on the move?

You could be fined £100 and three penalty points if the police think it’s distracting you!   There’s nothing better… Read More »

New survey reveals trickiest driving manoeuvres for motorists

Out of 2,000 people surveyed, which do you think came top of the list?   A new poll, commissioned by… Read More »

Could you be fined for using your mobile phone at a drive thru to pay?

Is it really illegal or does common sense come into play   In April 2017, tougher penalties were introduced in… Read More »

Is it okay to eat or drink whilst behind the wheel?

It’s not illegal but you could still be fined for careless driving   Most drivers think nothing about grabbing a… Read More »

Around one million motorists with poor vision are driving illegally on UK roads

Fears over safety by campaigners following a recent study   According to experts, around one million motorists with poor vision… Read More »

If you had to take your theory test today, do you think you’d pass?

One study suggests many licence holders would be looking at a fail   If you had to take your theory… Read More »

Warning to motorists ahead of the Bank Holiday weekend

Using a mobile as a sat nav in your car could get you into trouble if caught touching it  … Read More »

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