Did you know that driving too slowly could land you in trouble with the law?

You could be handed a fine and penalty points for ‘careless driving’!   In the UK, motorists know that if… Read More »

Highways England to raise roadwork speed limit to 60mph during quieter periods

If the trial proves successful it might become a permanent fixture   Highways England are to raise the speed limit… Read More »

New flashing roads signs to be introduced in Norwich to deter motorists from using their mobiles

The smart signs can detect when a digital signal is being transmitted within a vehicle   A new roadside detections… Read More »

Airports in the UK increase parking prices in time for summer

Now picking up or dropping off passengers costs even more in 2018   A number of airports in the UK… Read More »

Motorists could be using their car’s air conditioning system incorrectly

With the hot weather set to continue, here’s how to get the most out of your air con   The… Read More »

WARNING: New DVLA car tax scam doing the rounds

If you receive a tex message delete it immediately as it’s not from the DVLA   During the past 12… Read More »

Every 75 seconds in the UK a motorist is caught speeding!

But what is the most popular speed limit zone drivers are caught breaking?   According to new data, more than… Read More »

Motorists in the UK think average speed cameras work better than single-location fixed cameras

New research suggests that average speed cameras encourage motorists to slow down more   According to new research conducted by… Read More »

Warning to motorists during the heatwave

Driving whilst dehydrated can have a similar effect to being over the legal drink drive limit   A mini-heatwave is… Read More »

Half of British motorists fail to carry out car checks before heading off on holiday

And it seems women drivers are the ones less likely to carry out checks themselves!   The summer holiday period… Read More »

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