The Government’s Pass Plus scheme explained

Taking the Pass Plus test can help newly qualified drivers to gain more confidence on the road   The UK… Read More »

Nearly 1m replacement driving licences applied for in 2017..

At a cost to motorists of almost £19 million!   New released figures have shown that nearly 1 million replacement… Read More »

Could you be fined for using your mobile phone at a drive thru to pay?

Is it really illegal or does common sense come into play   In April 2017, tougher penalties were introduced in… Read More »

Do you ever sit in your vehicle with the engine left running?

You might want to reconsider or face being fined £20!   In an effort to reduce air pollution, drivers in… Read More »

DfT planning new road rules concerning minimum distance for overtaking cyclists

Drivers may have to adhere to a recommended passing distance if the proposal is passed   The Department for Transport… Read More »

The number of penalty points issued to drivers fell by 27% in 2017

DVLA’s figures reveal a drop in the number of penalty points being handed out   According to Driver and Vehicle… Read More »

Be prepared for more potholes in the road following freezing weather

RAC reports double the number of pothole related breakdowns after last week’s bad weather   Motoring experts are warning drivers… Read More »

Late running buses to be given priority at traffic lights

Buses running behind schedule will be shown green as they approach the traffic lights   A new system is to… Read More »

Naughty ’18’ number plates banned from use by the DVLA

All rude or offensive car registration plates are banned from being used on vehicles twice a year   It’s March… Read More »

March 1 – the new ’18’ number plate arrives in the UK tomorrow

But how many drivers actually know what the number/letter combinations on our reg plates mean?   Tomorrow, the 1st of… Read More »

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