What do motorists get up to in their cars during a lifetime of driving?

We Brits spend around 1,080 days in our cars over a lifetime – that’s nearly 3 years!   According to… Read More »

New research claims traffic jams in the UK cost the economy £9 billion every year

Around 3,700 jams occur on the UK’s motorways and ‘A’ roads each day   According to new research released by… Read More »

Sharp rise in road tax dodgers over the past three years

Since the end of the paper tax disc more drivers have been clamped year on year   The paper tax… Read More »

Warning to motorists about car insurance after Hurricane Ophelia

Drivers need to make sure their vehicle is covered for storm damage   Hurricane Ophelia has caused havoc here in… Read More »

There are 112 service stations up and down the country..

but which one’s have been voted the worst and best by you the customers?   Most of us at some… Read More »

The last days of the old £1 coin are upon us…

and one of the thirty million still in circulation could be sitting in your car!   There’s just a couple… Read More »

Having trouble seeing the road ahead?

During the past five years around 50,000 drivers have lost their licence because of poor vision   According to the… Read More »

Shell announce plans for first ever ‘no-petrol’ filling station in the UK

The push for cleaner motoring in Britain continues..   According to recent reports, Royal Dutch Shell are planning to open… Read More »

Nissan show off sweat-sensing car seats which can detect dehydration

The company teamed up with a design studio from the Netherlands to work on the technology   Nissan have been… Read More »

One fifth of car parking spaces are wasted because of bad parking

Problem could be solved if motorists simply used the park assist technology available to them   Motorists up and down… Read More »

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