Ever flashed another driver to warn of a speed trap up the road?

Warning: You could be fined up to £1,000 if caught doing so!   It’s nice when motorists help each other… Read More »

Driving around with a damaged wing mirror?

You might want to fix it quick or face a £2,500 fine AND three points on your licence!   Most… Read More »

Are you using zebra crossings as the Highway Code tells you?

New study suggests nearly half of motorists don’t use them correctly   The first zebra crossing to appear in the… Read More »

Splash a pedestrian with your car if you dare!

Doing so could see you being hit with a £5,000 fine   Speeding through a puddle that splashes a pedestrian… Read More »

DVLA made £111million on the sale of personalised number plates in 2017

One private registration plate sold at auction for over £56,000!   According to new reports, a shocking £111million was collected… Read More »

Drivers to be fined for allowing litter to be thrown from their cars by passengers

New rules to be introduced by the Government to help reduce litter on Britain’s roads   The UK Government are… Read More »

Happy 50th Birthday to the roadside breathalyser test!

Before the breathalyser test was introduced in 1967, drunk suspects had to stand on one leg!   It was 50… Read More »

The UK’s most reliable car brands revealed

New study looked at eight different categories to decide which cars were the most reliable overall   A new study… Read More »

Female driver in Canada thinks she’s hit and killed a Coyote with her car

Turns out it’s alive and stuck in the car’s front grille!   A woman in Canada travelling in her car… Read More »

Have you got penalty points on your licence but failed to include them on your policy?

According to a new survey, almost a quarter of drivers lie to their insurer about penalty points   A new… Read More »

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