How safe is it to drive the morning after drinking?

Not surprisingly, December is the worst month for motorists being caught for drink-driving   Most of us could probably guess… Read More »

The number of drink driving casualties in the UK reaches highest level in 3 years

New figures released by the Government shows rise in casualties from 2012 to 2015   New Government figures released this… Read More »

New drink-driver stats reveal differences between men and women

Data shows women who get caught for drink-driving offences face shorter average bans than men   According to new statistics… Read More »

Over 8,000 motorists caught drink-driving twice over the past five years..

And an alarming 449 motorists were caught three times during the same period!   New figures announced by the DVLA… Read More »

Transport Minister hints at drink-driving limit reduction

The drink-driving limit in England and Wales could be reduced to 50mg   Ministers within the UK Government have suggested… Read More »

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