Under new plans Hybrid cars could be banned by 2040 in the UK

To help improve air quality, all new petrol & diesel vehicles will cease to be available from 2040   A… Read More »

Who are the better drivers, men or women?

Finally we have the answer and it’s…   Women! – Yes, according to figures released by the Driver and Vehicle… Read More »

Tougher restrictions to be introduced for younger drivers

All motorists under 24 years of age could be barred from carrying more than one passenger in their car  … Read More »

New laws being considered by the DfT regarding pavement parking

Under new plans, motorists could be fined up to £70 for parking on the pavement   In a bid to… Read More »

Is it possible to park on double yellow lines and get away with it?

Apparently some local councils can’t issue parking tickets because of a legal loophole!   You might be one of the… Read More »

Study claims one in 10 local roads could become lethal if not mended within a year

Red alert issued for over 24,400 miles of road in the UK maintained by local councils   According to a… Read More »

DfT planning new road rules concerning minimum distance for overtaking cyclists

Drivers may have to adhere to a recommended passing distance if the proposal is passed   The Department for Transport… Read More »

Be prepared for more potholes in the road following freezing weather

RAC reports double the number of pothole related breakdowns after last week’s bad weather   Motoring experts are warning drivers… Read More »

Blue Badge permit theft on the increase

In four years the number of parking permit thefts have quadrupled   According to new figures, the theft of parking… Read More »

A car’s first MoT test to remain at three years

Less than half of the public questioned voted for the four year plan   The Department for Transport (DfT) yesterday… Read More »

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