Number of cars without tax increases by 1.8% in 2017

The UK Government is losing out on £107million per year as a result   The number of cars without tax… Read More »

Around one million motorists with poor vision are driving illegally on UK roads

Fears over safety by campaigners following a recent study   According to experts, around one million motorists with poor vision… Read More »

Motorists to face fines & penalty points if caught ignoring red ‘X’ overhead motorway signs

Ignoring motorway gantry signs is against the law and extremely dangerous   According to reports, from next year motorists could… Read More »

Happy 50th Birthday to the roadside breathalyser test!

Before the breathalyser test was introduced in 1967, drunk suspects had to stand on one leg!   It was 50… Read More »

The most dangerous hard shoulders on Britain’s motorways revealed

With many of the worst having areas of ‘smart motorway’ with no hard shoulder   The Department for Transport’s (DfT)… Read More »

Cycling UK say more needs to be done to raise awareness of ‘car-dooring’

According to the campaign group, careless opening of car doors is causing injury and death   Cycling UK say more… Read More »

Traffic in some UK cities has slowed right down to a crawl

Commuters in central London are now driving at an average speed of 5mph   According to a new report, commuters… Read More »

Taxpayer picking up £8 million bill for roadside litter

Around 550 sacks of rubbish are collected per day from the side of UK roads   According to new figures… Read More »

Learner drivers to have motorway lessons from 2018

The new plan will help to improve road safety in the UK and boost new driver’s confidence   Plans have… Read More »

Damage caused to vehicles because of potholes has increased by nearly a third in the last year

And once the temperatures begin to drop, they could worse says the RAC   According to the RAC, damage and… Read More »

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