Driving around with a damaged wing mirror?

You might want to fix it quick or face a £2,500 fine AND three points on your licence!   Most… Read More »

Study claims one in 10 local roads could become lethal if not mended within a year

Red alert issued for over 24,400 miles of road in the UK maintained by local councils   According to a… Read More »

Be prepared for more potholes in the road following freezing weather

RAC reports double the number of pothole related breakdowns after last week’s bad weather   Motoring experts are warning drivers… Read More »

Warning: Driving whilst using an e-cigarette could get you into trouble with the law

You could face a hefty fine and further punishment for ‘driving without due care and attention’   A warning is… Read More »

‘Supercab’ HGVs to be used by the police to catch offending drivers

Over 4,000 dangerous drivers caught during a trial on UK roads   A number of unmarked lorries are to be… Read More »

New changes to the MoT test set to begin May 2018

New failure ratings to be introduced as well as tougher checks for diesel cars   Last week came the announcement… Read More »

Warning to motorists about parking on the pavement

One council in the UK to issue a £100 fine and penalty points to offenders   If you get caught… Read More »

When the clocks go back in the Autumn car accidents increase by 29%

The clocks go back on Sunday 29 October at 2am, so drive carefully and stay alert!   New research has… Read More »

Nissan show off sweat-sensing car seats which can detect dehydration

The company teamed up with a design studio from the Netherlands to work on the technology   Nissan have been… Read More »

Could you end up in hot water for using your fog lights when it’s not foggy?

According to rule 226 of the Highway Code you could   There’s nothing worse than driving along the road when… Read More »

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