When the clocks go back in the Autumn car accidents increase by 29%

The clocks go back on Sunday 29 October at 2am, so drive carefully and stay alert!   New research has… Read More »

Nissan show off sweat-sensing car seats which can detect dehydration

The company teamed up with a design studio from the Netherlands to work on the technology   Nissan have been… Read More »

Could you end up in hot water for using your fog lights when it’s not foggy?

According to rule 226 of the Highway Code you could   There’s nothing worse than driving along the road when… Read More »

Could this be the most dangerous roundabout in the UK?

10 cars have reportedly crashed at the new roundabout within 48 hours of it opening   A council has been… Read More »

New study finds drivers who follow a friend take more risks

A fear of getting lost means drivers take risks and drive more dangerously   A new study released yesterday, has… Read More »

Speaking on a mobile whist driving via a hands-free device is thought to be safer

But according to scientists, drivers using such a device take around twice as long to react to dangers   According… Read More »

Smart motorways without a hard shoulder are putting motorists at risk

RAC warns that scrapping the hard shoulder on busy sections of smart motorway could be dangerous   The RAC has… Read More »

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