BP now offer customers the chance to pay using their smartphone

New BPme app allows users to prepare for fuelling before getting out to fill up   In 2017, Shell unveiled… Read More »

There are 112 service stations up and down the country..

but which one’s have been voted the worst and best by you the customers?   Most of us at some… Read More »

Shell announce plans for first ever ‘no-petrol’ filling station in the UK

The push for cleaner motoring in Britain continues..   According to recent reports, Royal Dutch Shell are planning to open… Read More »

Do you renew your car insurance automatically rather than shop around?

New survey suggests by doing so drivers are paying more than they might need to   According to new research,… Read More »

Rip off motorway services charging customers way more for basic items than supermarkets

And prices vary massively depending on which one you stop at!   We all know that when we stop at… Read More »

New 3D concept tyres unveiled by Michelin

Tyres will be resistant to flats, tell the driver when they need changing AND never need pumping up! The French… Read More »

Have you been double paying for your breakdown cover without knowing?

Customers of Lloyds Bank and TSB to be refunded for double breakdown cover   Apparently, many motorists in the UK… Read More »

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