Motorists in the UK claim congestion on our roads is worse than ever

56% of drivers believe that traffic has worsened compared to just a year ago   According to a new report,… Read More »

Smart motorways without a hard shoulder are putting motorists at risk

RAC warns that scrapping the hard shoulder on busy sections of smart motorway could be dangerous   The RAC has… Read More »

Rush hour traffic jams could become a thing of the past thanks to AI technology

‘Smart’ new traffic lights could help reduce rush hour traffic and generate safer roads   Brand new pioneering traffic lights,… Read More »

Cycle lanes are slowing down major UK cities

Cambridge is the slowest city in the UK with drivers recording an average speed of 13.73mph   Cyclists and motorists… Read More »

The UK’s slowest motorway revealed!

With an average speed of 25.05 miles per hour in 2016, the M25 is crowned the slowest   The M25… Read More »

Government to invest £220 million on improving roads in the UK

M25 and the North are two main areas which will hugely benefit from the investment   The UK government is… Read More »

Motorists in the UK spend around 32 hours a year sitting in traffic

Our roads in Britain are some of the most congested in the world   According to a new study carried… Read More »

UK’s love of internet shopping is clogging up our roads

Increase in delivery vans across Britain causing gridlock and huge delays   According to official figures, the UK’s love of… Read More »

Will there be more or less congestion with the arrival of driverless cars?

According to a new study, autonomous cars could mean more traffic jams on UK roads   According to a new… Read More »

Report reveals motorists delayed 15mins per 100 miles

Official Highways England report reveals interesting Strategic Road Network from the previous year   An official report released by the… Read More »

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