New study suggests one in five cars in the UK driving around with ‘dangerous’ tyres

What about yours? Why not try the 20p coin test today and find out!   According to new research conducted… Read More »

One in four drivers in the UK confess to lane-hogging

And two-thirds it seems have no idea that it’s wrong to do so!   According to new research carried out… Read More »

Car insurance prices in the UK drop for the first time in three years

New research claims cover prices have fallen by £13   According to new research, car insurance prices in the UK… Read More »

The number of cars left dumped on the side of the road triples in 5 years

Increase blamed on the rise of scrappage costs amongst other things   According to information gathered by via a… Read More »

How safe is it to drive the morning after drinking?

Not surprisingly, December is the worst month for motorists being caught for drink-driving   Most of us could probably guess… Read More »

Having trouble seeing the road ahead?

During the past five years around 50,000 drivers have lost their licence because of poor vision   According to the… Read More »

New research reveals the worst motorists across the UK by region

The results take into account various offences including drink driving and speeding   Have you ever sat and wondered whether… Read More »

UK motorists not taking baldness seriously enough when it comes to tyres

Motorists in Britain were fined around £27m in 2016 for driving with defective tyres   Our cars would be useless… Read More »

Men having to fork out £101 more than women on car insurance

New study reveals the difference despite EU laws banning insurers from considering gender when calculating a policy   Despite EU… Read More »

Nearly one third of motorists admit to still ‘hogging’ the middle lane on the motorway

The act has been a punishable offence in the UK since 2013   Hogging the middle lane whilst driving on… Read More »

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