Driver crashes into front of Specsavers store in London

Can you guess what the joke is that’s doing the rounds?   A motorist has crashed their car straight into… Read More »

Commuting in the Capital?

Make sure to pay if driving through the city’s Congestion Charge Zone or face new £160 fine!   From this… Read More »

RAC sends warning out to motorists – Be ready for ‘Frantic Friday!’

Chaos expected on roads up and down the country on the last Friday before Christmas   The RAC is warning… Read More »

Every year around 2,000 lorries crash into rail bridges

And each incident costs UK taxpayers £13,500 to put right   A campaign has been launched by Network Rail to… Read More »

Traffic in some UK cities has slowed right down to a crawl

Commuters in central London are now driving at an average speed of 5mph   According to a new report, commuters… Read More »

Back to school this Monday in many areas across the country

As a result, journey’s could take over three times longer than normal   According to new figures gathered by Inrix,… Read More »

Fancy being an autonomous testing guinea pig for Volvo?

Volvo looking to London for volunteers to test out their self-driving technology   This year sees the start of self-driving… Read More »

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