Warning: Using your Apple watch whilst behind the wheel could land you in trouble

Using a smart watch whilst driving could see you fined and issued with penalty points   It looks as though… Read More »

New study suggests one in five cars in the UK driving around with ‘dangerous’ tyres

What about yours? Why not try the 20p coin test today and find out!   According to new research conducted… Read More »

Can we use our mobile phones at all whilst behind the wheel?

We know it’s illegal and the punishments tough but are there any times when drivers can use them?   Motorists… Read More »

WARNING – Parents in the UK risking their children’s lives by not restraining them properly

Not only is it dangerous but illegal and could cost you a hefty fine if caught   Parents in the… Read More »

How safe is it to drive the morning after drinking?

Not surprisingly, December is the worst month for motorists being caught for drink-driving   Most of us could probably guess… Read More »

Revealed: Britain’s drink and drug driving hotspots

Will the place you live appear in the top 10?   According to new figures, the area which tops the… Read More »

New survey reveals alarming tactics drink-drivers use to avoid being spotted by the police

Some even admit to chewing gum to try and get rid of the smell of alcohol!   The countdown to… Read More »

One third of motorists handed a fine every year

The use of cameras to catch speeding and parking offenders has increased   As the use of cameras to catch… Read More »

Motorists to face fines & penalty points if caught ignoring red ‘X’ overhead motorway signs

Ignoring motorway gantry signs is against the law and extremely dangerous   According to reports, from next year motorists could… Read More »

More than half of motorists pulled over on suspicion of drug-driving fail roadside test

New figures released show 36 drug drivers are being caught per day in the UK   According to new figures… Read More »

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