New drivers should have driving lessons at night

Learning to drive in the dark could help reduce accident rates in the UK   According to a new investigation,… Read More »

DVLA made £111million on the sale of personalised number plates in 2017

One private registration plate sold at auction for over £56,000!   According to new reports, a shocking £111million was collected… Read More »

Super intelligent street lighting installed in Norway

Auto-dimming street lamps light up when traffic approaches then reduce back down to 20% power   To help reduce its… Read More »

Ever put the wrong fuel in your car by mistake?

The Met Police have spent £83,858 over the past three years fixing wrongly fuelled cars!   According to newly released… Read More »

December is not a good month for insuring your car

Warning to motorists after data finds December is the most expensive month to insure your car   According to new… Read More »

Motorists failing to pay Dartford Crossing charge makes Government £53m

Removal of tollbooths in 2014 being blamed for the number of fines being issued to drivers   For the financial… Read More »

Forgetfulness could cost you deeply in motoring fines

By simply forgetting to ‘clunk click’ every trip could result in a £500 fine   If a driver makes a… Read More »

Speeding offences in the UK climb to a six-year high

In 2016, an alarming 2.15 million drivers were caught for speeding   According to new official figures released by the… Read More »

Morrisons tempt shoppers in by cutting fuel prices by 10p a litre

Spend £50 in store to receive a voucher for discounted fuel at Morrison’s petrol stations   The fight for your… Read More »

Number of cars without tax increases by 1.8% in 2017

The UK Government is losing out on £107million per year as a result   The number of cars without tax… Read More »

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