Do you ever sit in your vehicle with the engine left running?

You might want to reconsider or face being fined £20!   In an effort to reduce air pollution, drivers in… Read More »

Late running buses to be given priority at traffic lights

Buses running behind schedule will be shown green as they approach the traffic lights   A new system is to… Read More »

Motorists failing to pay Dartford Crossing charge makes Government £53m

Removal of tollbooths in 2014 being blamed for the number of fines being issued to drivers   For the financial… Read More »

New on-the-spot fines for tired lorry drivers to be introduced

Fines up to £300 will be given to lorry drivers caught breaching their tachograph limit   The Government is set… Read More »

Toll for the Severn Bridge to be ditched at the end of next year

Regular users will save around £1,400 a year in fees   The toll for the Severn Bridge is to be… Read More »

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