BMW revealed as the most desired car brand in Great Britain..

but it’s Toyota who come out on top globally!   The most desired car brand in the UK is… the… Read More »

Car firms join together to build electric car charging network across Europe

400 new super-fast charging stations planned by some of the top car manufacturers including BMW and Ford   A number… Read More »

Union convenor claims BMW jobs at risk in UK

Plant workers in Cowley are worried about their jobs following the Brexit result   The convenor of the Unite trade… Read More »

Netherlands could ban petrol and diesel vehicles by 2025

Dutch parliament passes motion would could result in the ban of petrol and diesel vehicles by 2025   The Dutch… Read More »

Top plug-in car sales for the UK revealed

Latest figures reveal nearly 60,000 electric or plug-in cars have been registered in the UK   Sales for electric cars… Read More »

Mercedes on target for global luxury car sales’ top spot

The Daimler AG brand set to sell more cars than Audi and BMW   Mercedes has trailed behind its rival… Read More »

BMW launches US car-sharing scheme

Auto manufacturer launches Seattle mobility service with fleet of 370 vehicles   The concept of car-sharing is not a new… Read More »

BMW is to push e-commerce website

German auto manufacturer to market its e-commerce shop after a “strong start”   BMW is to invest resources into marketing… Read More »

BMW unveils Vision Next 100 concept car

Vision Next 100 concept car allows a glimpse into the future   As part of its centenary celebrations, the German… Read More »

BMW 3-series Plug-in Hybrid on the way?

The first images of the eagerly anticipated BMW 3 series Plug-in Hybrid have surfaced. The prototype, which is expected to… Read More »

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