Will there be more or less congestion with the arrival of driverless cars?

According to a new study, autonomous cars could mean more traffic jams on UK roads   According to a new… Read More »

Autonomous cars to be unmarked to prevent harassment

Volvo’s driverless cars will be unmarked in 2018 trial to avoid ‘bullying’   A collection of driverless cars developed by… Read More »

Autonomous car future sparks driving etiquette concerns

A new survey shows that seven in 10 British drivers fear driving courtesy will become a thing of the past… Read More »

Self-driving vehicles to impact insurance sector

Global insurance industry to be significantly affected by the autonomous vehicle revolution   A report produced by the US government… Read More »

UK government to allow autonomous cars on motorways in 2017

Driverless cars will be trialled on British motorways in 2017   The British government has confirmed that auto manufacturers will… Read More »

BMW unveils Vision Next 100 concept car

Vision Next 100 concept car allows a glimpse into the future   As part of its centenary celebrations, the German… Read More »

Shuttle pods at London Heathrow airport to become first driverless vehicles

Heathrow Airport shuttle pods to be adapted into autonomous vehicles   The driverless shuttle pods that are currently used to… Read More »

UK insurance companies puzzled on driverless car future

The future of auto insurance is being discussed by UK insurers and government officials   A group of big name… Read More »

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