And the top car maker is… Land Rover!

Top of the list for car makers in the July 2016 UK Customer Satisfaction Index survey   In this year’s… Read More »

New research predicts the end of the car showroom

According to a new report, we’ll be buying, selling and part-exchanging our vehicles online by 2020   According to new… Read More »

Shares at Mitsubishi plunge due to dodgy fuel testing admissions

The cheating fuel economy figures date back to 1991   The Japanese car maker Mitsubishi, has admitted to falsifying fuel… Read More »

New report says more women needed in auto industry

The new report claims that the auto industry could do more to encourage female presence in leadership roles   The… Read More »

New survey reveals the top reasons for holiday car breakdowns

18.5 million Britons will drive off on holiday this summer   When it comes to car breakdowns, new research has… Read More »

Car clocking on the rise again throughout the UK

Vehicle odometer clocking increased by 10% in 2015, according to official figures   According to the Local Government Association (LGA),… Read More »

Social media helping to catch out insurance cheats

As the number of whiplash cases rise, smart insurers are taking to people’s Twitter and Facebook accounts to help them… Read More »

Shell and VW biofuel report considered an attack against EVs

A new study financed by Shell and Volkswagen has been criticised for downplaying the push for electric vehicles   A… Read More »

A £240m investment set to revitalise car production in Wales

The investment could help create 1,000 new jobs   The Welsh Automotive industry has received a £240 million investment from… Read More »

How to scrap your car without falling foul of the law

Four tips for recycling your car while following UK and EU regulations   It has served you well throughout the… Read More »

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