Could it be the end for speed bumps on UK roads?

In a bid to reduce air pollution, speed bumps could be removed from our streets   In a bid to… Read More »

Diesel and petrol car sales to be outlawed from 2040 in the UK

All petrol, diesel cars and vans will cease to be sold in the UK from 2040 onwards   From 2040… Read More »

New diesel parking surcharge launched in central London

Drivers of pre-2015 diesel cars will have to pay a £2.45 parking surcharge   A new diesel parking surcharge has… Read More »

Speed limit on the motorway could be reduced from 70mph to 60mph to tackle air pollution

Drivers could also be paid to scrap their diesel car under new proposals   Under new Government proposals to tackle… Read More »

Government expected to announce new diesel scrappage scheme

A new air pollution strategy is to be published on Friday   Despite saying it would not introduce a scrappage… Read More »

London school car ban to be trialled at two locations

Parents will face a fine of £130 if they drive within the school limits in the morning and afternoon  … Read More »

Government should make manufacturers responsible for diesel crisis

Climate experts say the government should not be holding consumers accountable   There have been calls on the UK government… Read More »

Diesel car drivers can expect to pay £20-per-day city tax

The Government is expected to make the official announcement later this week   To tackle the issue of air pollution… Read More »

Cars to receive household appliance-style eco ratings

New cars and vans will receive an alphabetical rating between A and H   Under a new initiative organised by… Read More »

New plan proposed to reduce air pollution in Sheffield

The proposed plan will see a 60mph speed limit introduced on the M1 during rush hour   A new plan… Read More »

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