Britain’s Top 10 worst roads for potholes have been revealed

I wonder if a road near you will appear on the list!   The top 10 worst roads in the… Read More »

Are the AA replacing their traditional yellow vans with a new colour scheme?

They’ve been the same yellow for over 100 years, surely they’re not changing their identity now!   On a number… Read More »

Learner drivers now allowed on the motorway for lessons

And the first learner to do so as the new law came into effect was 17-year-old Finbar King   A… Read More »

Weather warnings have been issued for some parts of the UK

But can travelling whilst a weather warning is in place invalidate your car insurance policy?   Up and down the… Read More »


A website that allows angry motorists to name-and-shame bad drivers angers campaigners   A website that allows angry motorists to… Read More »

Warning to motorists ahead of summer about the use of sunglasses whilst driving

Wearing the wrong ones could land you a fine of up to £2,500!   Motorists in the UK are being… Read More »

Car theft in the UK rises by an alarming 56%

Last year saw the worst on record for car theft since 2012   Official figures released by the Government show… Read More »

Who are the better drivers, men or women?

Finally we have the answer and it’s…   Women! – Yes, according to figures released by the Driver and Vehicle… Read More »

Tougher restrictions to be introduced for younger drivers

All motorists under 24 years of age could be barred from carrying more than one passenger in their car  … Read More »

Study claims one in 10 local roads could become lethal if not mended within a year

Red alert issued for over 24,400 miles of road in the UK maintained by local councils   According to a… Read More »

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