Super intelligent street lighting installed in Norway

Auto-dimming street lamps light up when traffic approaches then reduce back down to 20% power

To help reduce its carbon footprint, Norway are trialling auto-dimming streets lights in different parts of the country.
In Hole, on the outskirts of Oslo, in Norway, super intelligent LED street lamps have been installed along a five mile stretch of road which dim to 20% output when no vehicles or pedestrians are in the area.
Only when a car, bicycle or pedestrian uses the road and passes a radar sensor attached to the street lamps do the lights then switch to full 100% brightness so that people can see what lies ahead.
Once the vehicle or pedestrian has passed, the super smart street lights revert back to 20% output, therefore saving energy when not in use.
The energy saving lights on the five mile stretch of highway save around 2,100 kWH per week – enough energy to allow someone to iron for 21 hours or watch a plasma TV screen for four hours.
LED lights rather than halogen or fluorescent types do use less power and can help to reduce CO2 emissions.
Similar programs relating to saving energy via lighting have cropped up in other areas of Norway. The western side of the country had auto-dimming lights installed in 2017.
‘Intelligent lighting’ systems have been in place in Oslo since the late 2000s and energy consumption has been dramatically reduced.
Other areas of Norway are also looking at introducing environmentally friendly projects similar to this.

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