Staff Review: Sporty Spice with some Junk in the Trunk

For the past week, we have given members of the sales team freedom in our keys cupboard to pick out a variety of cars for them to test out. This week’s choice is the Skoda Octavia which was given the name Sporty Spice with some Junk in the Trunk, we thought it summed up it up perfectly!

Things we love about the Skoda Octavia VRS…

Interior – The cabin look and feel very sporty, so much so that sometimes we forgot we worked for Flexed and thought we were F1 Racing Drivers.

Sports Seats – No worry about flying around in the front with these seats, they keep your bottom nice and firmly on the seat.

Sat Nav – This is so easy to use, a great thing about it is that is gives suggestions so if you are feeling lazy and can’t be bothered to type the full address, no worries it will find it for you after some typing.

Boot Space – The boot is extremely large and very impressive. So if you were to fall out with your other half, just hop it the back as there is plenty of space!

Isofix Points – Easy to find when you’re trying to fix your children down after they are hopped up on sugar until you get back to the safety of the padded walls at home.

We gave it 8/10

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