Staff Review: Slick Rick & his 5 Kids!

For the past week, we have given members of the sales team freedom in our keys cupboard to pick out a variety of cars for them to test out. This weeks choice is the Kia Sorento which was given the fitting name of Slick Rick & his 5 Kids, we thought it summed up it up perfectly!

Things we love about the Kia Sorento…

Heated Seats & Steering Wheel – Now we are coming into the colder winter months these are essential, nothing betting than a heated seat on a cold dreary morning.

Leather Seats – just brilliant, we all know kids like to fib about how clean their hands are, that’s why you need a Kia Sorento as it is super easy to wipe away the bogeys and chocolate smears. Other than that, they are extremely comfortable and look fab!

Leather Seats

Infotainment Screen – Kia have gone above and beyond to ensure safety comes first as we struggled to connect to the Bluetooth whilst driving, we think this was due to driving in the middle of nowhere as we all know how great the signal is in the English Countryside. When it finally decided to connect we were blown away by how quick it was. We were also massively impressed with the Reversing Camera, we will admit that some of us aren’t the best at parking but with this feature, we became parking pros.

Looks – There is no need or reason for your kids to look embarrassed as you drop them off at school in the Kia Sorento as it is a great looking car which has a luxurious interior.

Driving Position – This car is definitely the one for you if you like an upright driving position. It feels super safe and solid to drive which is everything you want in a family car. If we had got any closer to other cars in front of us, we would have rolled over them like an army tank.

Interior size – No need to pack the tent when you go camping in this beast, you & your friends could probably sleep comfortably in the car. Drop the rear seats and you’ll be sorted for the night!

We gave this car 8/10

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