Staff Review: Dad’s Luxury Taxi

For the past week, we have given members of the sales team freedom in our keys cupboard to pick out a variety of cars for them to test out. This week’s choice of car is the Volvo XC60 which was given the name ‘Dads Luxury Taxi’.

Things we loved about the Volvo XC60:

Infotainment Screen – This was lovely, so easy to use & extremely clear to read when you’re on the move.

Volvo XC60 Infotainment Screen

Reversing Camera – this is very fancy, you look at the car from a birds eye view so you can see everything around you. You can park perfectly in this car because of that.

Volvo XC60 Reversing Camera

Leather Seats – These made us feel very classy as they were very luxurious and comfortable & a bonus is they could heat our bums up in a click of a button.

Volvo XC60 Seats

High Driving Position – with the car having a high up driving position, we felt like we owned the roads looking down on other cars.

Volvo XC60 Side

Safety – we felt very safe in this car, everything felt very well-built and of high quality. Perfect family car.

Volvo XC60


Like what you see? We’ve got the XC60 in stock now-take a look!

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