Staff Review: Business in the Front, Party in the Back!

For the past week, we have given members of the sales team freedom in our keys cupboard to pick out a variety of cars for them to test out. This week’s choice of car is the Volvo V90 Cross Country which was given the name of ‘Business in the front, party in the back!’ we felt this was a fitting name due to amount of interior space this car has to offer!

Things we loved about the Volvo V90 Cross Country:

Stop/Start – Instead of a button to start the ignition, it is a ‘Knulled starting Knob’ (Volvo’s term) which you twizzle to the right… very fancy.

Volvo V90 Interior

Interior Trim – Inside it is very smart looking, the leather looks expensive, it is also very comfortable and for the parents the joy of knowing it is easy to wipe down.

Volvo V90 Interior

Sun Blinds or as we call them ‘Crazy Sun Protectors’ – These are great for the children in the back as it will stop them overheating as no one wants an exploding child do they!

Volvo V90 Interior

Sat Nav – It is very easy to type in your destination as you use your finger tips on the touch screen, to make it even easier it gives suggestions so you don’t have to write every letter out.

Volvo V90 Infotainment Screen

Boot – The boot is big but that’s not exactky what we loved about it, the boot flap that popped up was. We were very impressed as it meant our bottles of wine didn’t go plunging to the floor after we opened the door. We think Volvo are very thoughtful for thinking of this for us wine lovers!

Volvo V90 Boot

Panoramic Sunroof – This was unbelievably easy to operate, it made the interior feel bright and even more spacious.

Volvo V90 Sunroof

Parking Sensors – It was an easy task to park in the Volvo V90 Cross Country thanks to the high quality of the parking sensors and cameras.

Voice Control – This isn’t something we got the hang of! We thought the voice was very sassy and wouldn’t listen to us, and voice controls just never seem to understand our Yorkshire accents!


Like what you see? We’ve got the V90 in stock now-take a look!

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