Spring it on!

Unfortunately, this offer has now ended. Please click here to view all cars. 

Recent visits from the ‘Beast from the East’ and endless grey skies coupled with the colder weather has made winter feel like an absolute eternity. However, as of Sunday 25th March at precisely 1AM our clocks lurched forwards. It’s finally spring.
This means the sheep will have their lambs, darkness doesn’t follow us home and we can all start thinking about two of our favourite upcoming seasons (that is until we get sick of the heat and long for winter again). To celebrate, we’re bringing back a very special offer.
Giving you the option to either waiver the set-up fee or opt for free delivery anywhere in the UK. Whether you’re based in Aberdeen or Southampton – it doesn’t matter! You’re guaranteed to save at least £210* (incl. VAT) off your new short term lease.
What have you got to lose? Get your quote today by calling 0800 311 8290 or email talk@flexed.co.uk

But I don’t even know what 28-day leases are?

No-one wants to be tied into a fixed term contract, especially when they don’t have to. So why should it be different when it comes to cars?
Our 28-day rolling contract will:

  • Give all the power to you. You can swap, change or amend your contract at any point
  • Drive and switch to the latest cars whenever you feel you like it
  • A great solution to act as a temporary stop-gap whilst you’re in between vehicles.
  • Hassle-free motoring. Your road tax and general maintenance is included

We can even turn around a vehicle in less than 48 hours (providing it’s in stock) if you’re looking to get mobile ASAP! Click here to view all cars.
However, if you want a little more commitment, we’ve got a fantastic range of 12 month car leases which will easily tide you over into 2019. Explore these offers here.

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*Terms and Conditions

Valid for any new customer order only.
Applications must be received by 13.00 hours Friday 27th April
The car must be collected from our York office or delivered on the 30th April to qualify.
Please note all applications will be subject to an in-house credit check performed by Autohorn Fleet Services Ltd.
*Collection and changeovers charged at the standard delivery rate. Contact a member of our sales team to find out more.

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