Smart motorways on the busiest roads in Britain catching many motorists out

The number of drivers caught speeding jumps by 2,500% in five years

A new report by the BBC has found that the number of drivers caught speeding on smart motorways has increased by a staggering 2,500% over the past five years.
Twelve UK police forces were asked by the BBC’s One Show to provide information regarding the sections of smart motorway they oversee, which includes junctions on the M1, M4, M6, M25 and M42. Around half responded to the request for information regarding speeding tickets and fines and the BBC discovered that a total of 52,516 tickets were handed out to motorists travelling on these sections of motorway during 2014-15, compared to just 2,023 in 2010-11 before they were upgraded to smart motorways.

Smart motorways in the UK catching motorists out

M25 towards Junction 2 © Copyright Ian S and licensed for reuse under this Creative Commons Licence

And according to police figures, this means that over 1,000 motorists each week are being caught exceeding the speed limit on smart motorway sections across the UK!
There are currently around 236 miles of smart motorways across the country and the government plans to double that amount over the next nine years at a cost of £6bn.
The UK government says that smart motorways are a way of controlling and improving traffic flow, which in turn means faster journey times, fewer road traffic accidents and reduced harmful emissions, rather than a way of generating more revenue. However, the BBC’s One Show estimates that central government received over £1.1 million in revenue in 2015, up from £150,600 five years ago.
While the government continues to defend its plans to carry on adding to the number of smart motorways, seeing them as a positive solution in improving traffic flow around some of Britain’s busiest hotspots, many have voiced their concern over the amount of money being generated from these sections of motorway.
However, with motorway traffic predicted to rise by up to 60% from 2010 figures by the year 2040, some sort of traffic management system needed to be put in place to help with the ever increasing number of vehicles on our roads.
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