Scam email warning – motorists beware!

Scammers sending out fake email pretending to be from the DVLA

A warning has been sent out to motorists in the UK by the BBC Watchdog about a new scam email which is doing the rounds, supposedly sent by the DVLA.
The scam email claims that the driver is owed a car tax refund from the Driver and Vehicle Licencing Agency and then asks for the driver to fill in more details about themselves.
According to the programme, many motorists in the UK have been sent such an email, which at first glance looks as though it’s been sent from the DVLA.

Scam email warning - motorists beware!

Scammers sending out fake email pretending to be from the DVLA © Copyright Oxymoron and licensed for reuse under this Creative Commons Licence.

The email asks the recipient to follow a link, where they are then asked to provide personal information.
The fake email informs the owner of the vehicle that they have an “outstanding vehicle tax refund of £239.35 from an overpayment request” and that a refund is due and can be processed if you follow the link provided.
The scam email looks genuine enough and could fool many motorists into believing it’s really from the DVLA, even the official DVLA logo appears on it and includes a link where you can report scam and phishing emails.
The DVLA have been targeted by fraudsters in the past in a similar way, where drivers have been scammed via text and/or emails. These fake scam attempts over the past two years were reported to the police and investigated.
Email scams in the past have also tried to target drivers by informing them that they have paid too much vehicle tax and a refund is due, however this latest scam is one of the most convincing so far and motorists throughout the country need to remain alert – if you do receive an email from the DVLA suggesting you’re in line for a refund for overpaid tax, DO NOT open the link and delete the email immediately.
The DVLA stated last year following a similar fake email scam: “We don’t send e-mails or text messages with links to websites asking you to confirm your personal details or payment information.”
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