Sausage controversy at Daimler shareholders conference in Germany

The annual Daimler shareholder meeting was ruined after a row broke out over sausages

Reports of an argument breaking out over sausages at the annual Daimler shareholder meeting in Berlin is further proof that the Germans take their sausages very seriously.
According to the rumours, the row began after an eagle-eyed female shareholder spotted a male compatriot taking more than his fair share of Saitenwürschtle when visiting the event’s buffet area. The hungry man was apparently seen stuffing several of the frankfurter style sausages into napkins for snacking on later at home.

Daimler shareholders get serious about sausages

Daimler tweeted a light-hearted joke after the incident

The affronted female shareholder gave the sausage-smuggler a piece of her mind, but was apparently offended by his reply. According to the reports, she filed a slander complaint and police were called to the scene in order to cool down flying tempers.
The board chairman of Daimler, Manfred Bischoff, commented on the incident: “We either need more sausages or we get rid of them altogether.” There were 12,500 sausages at the conference, to be shared among 5,500 guests; the sausage-smuggler must have taken more than his three sausage allowance in order to inspire the wrath of his fellow shareholder.
Daimler later made light of the incident by tweeting an image of frankfurters with the caption: “Despite all the records, Daimler’s motto is: stay hungry! We know there is still a lot to do”.
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