Are roundabouts in the UK about to change?

Cyclists and pedestrians to be given right of way at a new Dutch-style roundabout in Cambridge

A new Dutch-style roundabout is to be built in Cambridge which will give right of way to cyclists and pedestrians – meaning drivers will become the lowest priority as they approach the busy junction.

The £1million roundabout will be built in an effort to improve road safety and work is due to start in 2019.

The Fendon Road and Queen Edith’s Way roundabout will be transformed into a brand new roundabout that will feature a pedestrian zebra crossing and a dedicated red tarmac cycle lane.

The Department for Transport (DfT) awarded Cambridgeshire County Council £550,000 towards the project. The total cost is estimated to be around £800,000 with a further £250,000 coming from developer contributions.

Funding from the Government comes out of a £7million pot set aside for its 2018-19 Cycle City Ambition Safety programme.

This particular roundabout was picked following a number of crashes in recent years on the roundabout involving cyclists.

“Having a Dutch style roundabout which separates vehicles from vulnerable road users should be a win for road safety in Cambridge,” said Rebecca Ashton, IAM RoadSmart head of driver behaviour, adding: “It will be interesting to see how this benefits all road users and if they are worth considering in other parts of the country.”

Creating a Dutch-style roundabout will hopefully improve safety for both pedestrians and cyclists. One of the major elements of the new roundabout is a change in the width of the carriageway which will be reduced to generate lower speeds from drivers.

The centre of the road will include an overrun strip which larger or longer vehicles will have to partially use, causing them to travel more slowly through the junction.

The new roundabout will include zebra crossings on each of the four entry/exit arms for pedestrians to use, whilst cyclists will have their own red cycle path providing them with equal priority over each exit/arm as pedestrians.

“This project, which is a first not only for Cambridge but also the UK, will improve the experience for everyone using the roundabout,” said Councillor Ian Bates, chair of the economy and environment committee for Cambridgeshire County Council, adding: “Cyclists and pedestrians, as well as drivers, will now have the space they need to travel safely.”
Another UK city is set to open its first Dutch-style roundabout next April. In Southwark, the newly designed roundabout will replace two consecutive roundabouts between Fountain Drive and Sydenham Hill.

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