Road Safety Week 2016 – 21 to 27 November

This week is Road Safety Week – an important annual event that focuses on road safety in the UK

Road Safety Week is an annual event which has taken place since 1997 and is one of the biggest road safety events in the UK.
The event is coordinated each year by the road safety charity Brake. The aim of the event is to raise awareness about the importance of road safety and encourage individuals, groups and communities to come together to make our roads safer for everyone.

Road Safety Week 2016 - 21 to 27 November, an annual event coordinated by road safety charity Brake

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Each year, the huge event encourages all sorts of groups to come together to help raise road safety awareness, including schools, local authorities, organisations, nurseries and employers, to name but a few. The main purpose of the week is to take action and help promote road safety in our communities, in order to reduce the number of injuries and deaths that occur on our roads each year.
Brake is a UK road safety charity who work to prevent injury and deaths on roads across the UK, with the aim of making our streets and communities safer for everyone. They also provide much needed support to victims of road accidents.
By simply thinking more and changing the way in which we drive, we can all help to make our roads safer for everyone – even those who don’t drive can take the pledge and promise to make sure drivers they know adhere to the six point Pledge.
This year, the theme for Brake Pledge for Road Safety Week focuses on the following six simple actions, which could help to save lives and prevent more families across the UK from having to go through the sadness and heartache of losing a loved one.
The Six Point Brake Pledge:
1. Slow – drivers promise to stay under the speed limits and keep to 20mph were necessary. They will slow down in bad weather, avoid overtaking and slow right down for brows and bends. Everyone else will speak out about the importance of slowing down.
2. Sober – drivers promise not to drive after drinking alcohol or drive after taking drugs. Everyone else will promise never to get in a vehicle with drink/drug drivers and make sure anyone they are with gets home safely and speak out if someone considers drink/drug driving.
3. Secure – drivers will promise that everyone including themselves are wearing their seat belt and small children are in the correct chair seat. Also the vehicle must be safe and well maintained. Everyone else will promise to belt up too and ensure their friends and family do the same.
4. Silent – drivers promise to not use their mobile device to make calls, text or read whilst driving, keeping them out of reach and staying fully focused on watching the road. Everyone else promises to never use their phone to communicate to someone who is driving.
5. Sharp – drivers promise to keep focused and drive safely, stop for regular breaks, not drive if tired or on medication and remember to have regular eye tests and if necessary, always wear glasses or contact lenses on every journey. Everyone else promises to look out for their friends and family and make sure they only drive if they are fit enough, and if they are tired – rest!
6. Sustainable – everyone promises to reduce the amount of time they travel by car by either walking, cycling or using public transport.
To get involved you can register for Road Safety Week at and also read more about the work Brake do.
Once you have registered, you’ll be given access to the members’ area and provided with a free downloadable action pack – it’s then up to you how you get involved. You can choose to simply follow the Brake Pledge, or you can run fundraising activities through your school, business or organisation and get the whole community involved.
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