Revealed: The UK's hotspots for receiving speeding tickets

Over 142,000 were handed out last year in West Yorkshire alone!

New research has revealed the UK’s hotspots for receiving speeding tickets and according to its findings, police in West Yorkshire caught more speeding drivers in 2017 than any other region who agreed to reveal their figures.
A whopping 142,610 tickets were handed out in West Yorkshire to offending motorists in 2017 – more than twice as many compared to all other regions in the UK.
What’s even more alarming is that some of these offending drivers weren’t just slightly over the limit, as one was caught in West Yorkshire doing a startling 160mph!

Revealed: The UK's hotspots for receiving speeding tickets

Over 142,000 were handed out last year in West Yorkshire alone! © Copyright michael ely and licensed for reuse under this Creative Commons Licence.

The information was revealed following a Freedom of Information request sent to 43 polices forces in the UK. Only 19 responded to the request, providing details of the total number of speeding tickets issued in 2017, plus the highest recorded offences over the last year.
As a result of not all forces participating, a true picture hasn’t been provided but it still shows the difference in speeding fines for police forces that cover around half of the UK.
The biggest ticket issuer of those who responded was without question West Yorkshire, who were 80,000 ahead of the regions following behind which included Surrey and West Mercia (Hereford, Worcester and Shrewsbury).
Speeding cameras in West Yorkshire, along with the police, actually caught around 46 times as many offending drivers than the force who handed out the least tickets – surprisingly it was the City of London constabulary!
They confirmed that they’d only issued 3,107 tickets in 2017, making it the country’s most speed-aware destination last year.
According to historical data, speeding offences in West Yorkshire increased by 13% year-on-year, however the rise was more telling in Surrey and West Mercia, with 24% and 32% respectively.
The number of tickets being issued wasn’t the only cause for concern, as feedback from the forces underlined how far over the speed limit a group of drivers were caught doing and some are astonishing.
In West Yorkshire, the highest recording was a driver caught doing 160mph in a 70mph zone, however in Dundee a motorists was caught doing 106mph in a 30mph zone – more than three times over the limit.
The most speeding tickets issued by UK police forces in 2017: 

  1. West Yorkshire – 142,610
  2. Surrey – 62,623
  3. West Mercia – 62,503
  4. Dundee – 60,465
  5. North Wales – 57,224
  6. Kent – 53,590
  7. Lancashire – 51,455
  8. Humberside – 49,982
  9. Norfolk – 49,730
  10. Dorset – 45,344

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