Revealed: The All New Fiat 500L for 2018

The latest generation model has just launched here in the UK

The all new Fiat 500L for 2018 has just launched here in the UK. It can only be described as a grown up version of the iconic Fiat 500 – all of its charm and beauty wrapped up in a more spacious family car.
Their latest generation model now brags more on-board technology with more interior/exterior customisation choices and is available in three different versions; Cross, Urban and Wagon.
Each different version of the 500L has specific features regarding the way the car is tuned and the design of the exterior.

The latest generation model has just launched here in the UK

The All New Fiat 500L for 2018 has now been launched in the UK © Fiat UK

The Cross comes with new bumpers and a skid plate and features a crossover-inspired design, whilst the Urban is a standard base model version of the motor and supposedly the most popular option.
The Wagon however is more befitting a larger family as it’s available as a seven-seater and is described as the most versatile of the trio.
The 500L includes a number of new updates such as new retro circular daytime running lights and a newly designed front bumper that now includes a lower mesh section.
The interior of the car now has a new-look dashboard with a more updated digital display, bigger storage compartments, a built-in sat nav system and heated windows.
Customers will able to choose from ten pastel or metallic colours, as well as three roof types which include matt black, glossy black or white and body-coloured.
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