Report reveals motorists delayed 15mins per 100 miles

Official Highways England report reveals interesting Strategic Road Network from the previous year

An official report released by the UK government reveals that motorists were delayed around 15 minutes for every 100 miles covered on England’s motorways and A-roads in 2015.
The information has been published as part of Highways England’s annual report, which states that drivers were delayed on average 8.9 seconds per mile.
A new target has been set for upcoming years by Highways England, however it is not convinced the new target can be met considering forecasted traffic growth.

Drivers delayed 15 minutes every 100 miles in 2015

Drivers delayed 15 minutes every 100 miles in 2015

The Office for Road and Rail, the official body responsible for monitoring Highways England motorway and A-road management, is responsible for the annual report, which also states that 89.7 billion miles were covered by motorists on the Strategic Road Network; the stretch of motorways and A-roads managed by Highways England.
An interesting fact from the report: a third of all traffic in England in 2015 was on the Strategic Road Network (SRN), despite it making up only 2% of all roads in England!
Highways England has recently received a £15 billion investment from the UK government which it is to use for the maintenance and improvement of the SRN between 2020-21.
Despite Highways England successfully meeting its maintenance, availability, and incident clear up targets in 2015, only 89.3% of motorists using the SRN said they were either “fairly satisfied” or “very satisfied”.
Other interesting facts from the report include: overall miles covered on the SRN increased by £5bn compared to the previous four years and the average speed of driver decreased from 61.3mph in 2011 to 59.3mph last year.
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