Replace T-junctions to help older drivers, says report

New Government backed report suggests that T-junctions should be replaced with mini roundabouts

According to a new Government backed report, mini roundabouts should be brought in to replace T-junctions, in order to make the roads safer for older motorists.
Research carried out by the Older Drivers Task Force, discovered that deaths occurring at T-junctions increased greatly with age.
Motorists aged over 75 were twice as likely to die whilst navigating a T-junction and the study found that deaths at roundabouts were less common and not related to how old the driver is.

New report says T-junctions should be replaced wit roundabout to help older drivers

T-junctions like this should be replaced with roundabouts, says a new report

For years now, the average age of the UK’s driving population has been growing. A total of 4.7million motorists, aged 70, had a valid driving licence in 2014 and experts believe that this number will grow to 8.5million over the next twenty years.
The report did find that a large number of pensioners are a bit scared of driving on roads which are “designed for use by, fit middle aged motorists in the middle of the spectrum of road users.”
What the report does suggest, is that it’s time for the UK to think carefully about re-designing our roads, to make it not just safer for older drivers, but for all motorists.
Andrew Jones, Transport Minister, said about the report: “It calls for action from a number of sectors, including government and we will consider the recommendations carefully.”
The chairman of the Older Drivers Task Force, John Powman, said: “People are living longer, healthier, more active lives and driving longer. The number of drivers over 85 will double to 1 million by 2025, many without access to public transport.”
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